About Your Own Backyard

“Your Own Backyard” originated with the idea of taking kids where they are at, with their video and digital games, personal computers and modern-day mobile devices, and enticing them back into the world of nature.

Using high-technologies to stimulate curiosity of the natural world, the hope is that children will then take that curiosity out-of-doors, into their own backyards, where it can develop into passion for Mother Earth’s abundant flora & fauna. We’re hoping for a kind of feedback loop, where curiosity, fed by high-tech resources will inspire backyard passion, breeding further curiosity that just MUST find answers – back to the resources – back out for playful adventure, and so forth and so on.

But it isn’t all high-tech! “Your Own Backyard” absolutely loves stories and games! In days gone by people understood the power that stories and games held in passing knowledge and understanding onto their young. It is by means of these early technologies, in concert with high-tech, that we deliver the content -- nature awareness activities and information about Mother Earth’s species within their ecological context.

All products provided by “Your Own Backyard” invite playful imagination and seek to enhance young people’s direct experience of, and ultimate love for, nature.

Let's celebrate life! Here's to connecting with all that Mother Earth gives forth!